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Phoenix Software

The Real Estate Platform (REP), powered by Phoenix Software, leverages over 18 years of experience of providing software as a service for the global real estate industry.


  • Over 100 Listing Fields
  • Listing Descriptions can be in Multiple Languages
  • Supports Multiple Currencies
  • Record Commissions on Sales
  • Automatic Map Integration
  • Listings can have individual Room Descriptions & Photos
  • Contact Search
  • Contact Import & Export
  • Transfer Contacts & Leads between Agents
  • Schedule Agenda Items
  • Link Agenda Items to Listings & Contacts

User focused and easy to use it still has the power to support the largest real estate franchises in the world. With full analytics and integrated social media, REP is constantly being updated to add new features and keep up with the moving target of your industry needs.


With our highly secure web application your important listing, agent and contact data is safe but still simple to access anywhere in the world.


Flexible layouts so that you and your customers can use our tools on anything from mobile to desktop without loss of functionality or experience.

Cloud Based

Built from the ground up with the latest technology and stored in the cloud for scalability and fast access no matter where your business is.

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